Ben Wilcock

Ben worked at Waterloo Wine from 2006 and acquired plenty of knowledge of their producers and wines. Over the years Ben has covered almost every aspect of a wine merchant's world from vineyard to consumer - buying, selling, transporting, storing and delivering wine to countless customers - and now he turns his hand to management. His personal favourite? This varies depending on the time of day and occasion, but will generally come back to a dry, crisp Loire Valley white. An English fry-up accompanied by Champagne is also not out of the question.

David Wilcock

David has been in the wine trade since the origin of Waterloo Wine Company, Lant Street Wine's previous incarnation, in the early 1980s. With 20 years of  experience directing a wine company he and his son Ben took the business on in 2015. 

Rudi Honjo

A comparatively late starter, Rudi has been exploring the world of wine for about 5 years, and has taken on the roles of operations manager, web content development and social media analyst at LSW. When not casually swirling (or swilling) a glass of red Côtes du Rhône he's usually out riding his motorcycle.

Louis Cotier
Business Development

Having been brought up in Florence, Italy, Louis had an early introduction to the world of wine. After moving back to London, Louis began working in the alcohol industry and found that wine was the particular facet of the industry that inspired him. He now works with Lant St Wine developing and maintaining new customer relationships for the distribution side of the business.

Peter Ledgerwood
Wine Consultant

Peter has worked for Waterloo Wine since the original shop opened in 1986, and as such is extremely familiar with our wines and producers. He has spent 40 years in the wine business and so brings a great broad knowledge to our team. He hosts private tastings in the shop and warehouse and is particularly knowledgeable about his personal favourites, the wines of Austria and Germany.