Quinta do Tedo

We have 8 wines from Quinta do Tedo

Quinta do Tedo Douro 2019

Appearance  - deep ruby.On the nose - black fruit (blackberry, cherry, and currants) with a hin..


Quinta do Tedo Douro Rose 2022

Appearance  -  rose petalsOn the nose - complex layers of fresh gooseberry, raspberry and ..


Quinta Do Tedo Colheita 2005

Appearance- brick red with amber highlights.Nose- very expressive and spicy (perhaps from the hot ye..


Quinta Do Tedo Finest Reserve

Appearance -  brownish ruby with orange highlights.Nose - prunes, dried figs, and black cherrie..


Quinta Do Tedo LBV Port 2017

Appearance: Dark rubyAromas: Black fruit (blackberry), raspberry and mint, notes of wet shalePalate:..


Quinta Do Tedo Rose

Appearance: Light rosé.Aroma: Delicate aromas of raspberry and gooseberry.Palate: Soft, sweet, red f..


Quinta Do Tedo Tawny Port 10 y/o

Appearance: Brick brown with amber and orange tones. Aroma: Dry fruits (nuts and dried figs), curry,..


Quinta Do Tedo Vintage 1997

Apperance. - deep ruby with purple highlights. Nose - black fruit (mature blackberries, black prunes..