Weinrieder Eiswein Riesling Schneiderberg 2012

  • Weinrieder Eiswein Riesling Schneiderberg 2012
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100% Riesling. 

Golden in colour, this is an intensely rich sweet wine, with a nose of candied orange peel, mango and other tropical fruits. The palate is creamy and elegant, with honey notes and all of the fruit Riesling is capable of - ripe apricot and golden peach, mango and guava and the mouthwatering tart acidity and sweetness of pineapple. Some nice mineral flavours come through on the very long finish. Perfect as dessert on its own, it also suits custard, fresh fruit and citrussy puddings. 

A multi-award winner, this is a flagship Eiswein for Weinrieder. The temperature must reach below -7°C for the grapes to be sufficiently frozen, and they are carefully harvested pre-dawn by thick-gloved hands to prevent the grapes from warming at all. 

10% abv

Cork closure.

375 ml.

Product Code: 592202012

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